Thornley House Medical Centre, Thornley Street, Hyde, Cheshire, SK14 1JY

We are CQC Registered. Click here to view
our certificate, view the official report (2020).

"Excellent service. Very professional clinic. Dr Ahmed was very pleasant and highly skilled in surgery that he
clearly performs
very regularly."

- Lufti Suleman


We are working hard to ensure the safety of staff, patients and anyone visiting our clinic. We have introduced the following precautionary, temporary safety measures:
•    You will not be allowed to enter the clinic without a face mask.
•    You must wear a face mask to attend the clinic.
•    You MAY be able to purchase a face mask from the pharmacy next door to the clinic.
•    Only Parents of the child will be able to attend.
•    Please arrange babysitters for your children. If you must bring them to the clinic with you, they will have to stay in the car with one parent.
•    Please arrive on time. We will not be allowing multiple families in the waiting area, and arriving late will impact other appointments.
•    If you are late we will have to cancel your appointment. If you are early please stay in you car until your appointment time.

Welcome to Manchester Circumcision Clinic

Parents requesting religious and cultural circumcision in the UK is quite common. The National Health Service has limited provision for religious and cultural circumcisions – this is insufficient to cater for all local needs. It is important for parents to ensure that they contact experienced medical personnel for this procedure. We provide religious and cultural circumcision for boys. The procedure is performed by Dr Nadeem Ahmed (BMSc, MBChB, MRCP, MRCS) a trained surgeon and GP, who is registered with the General Medical Council, United Kingdom. He was a qualified surgeon before entering into general practice and has been performing circumcisions for fifteen years. We have set up this high standard service considering the need of the community in Manchester and Greater Manchester.

This is a private community based service, located at Thornley House Medical Centre in Hyde off the M57 motorway. The medical centre has a comfortable waiting lounge, a consultation room,
a clean, well-equipped, minor operating theatre, and free car parking. Although circumcision is a surgical procedure, it does not need to be performed in a hospital-like environment. Keeping this in mind, our service provides circumcision for children in a clinically-approved safe-space, with a family friendly atmosphere. We encourage parents to accompany the child during the procedure to reduce their anxiety, as well as to comfort the child in a new setting.

We have had hundreds of satisfied patients and parents, please view our testimonials and our patient satisfaction survey.

CQC Registration

All circumcision clinics in the UK must be registered with the Care Quality Commission. Even if you are practicing from a GP surgery or an NHS building, you must have your separate registration. The CQC inspects all clinics to make sure they are delivering a high quality service to the public. Please check the clinic you choose to go to has a registration certificate, and that they have been inspected.

Please click here to see our registration certificate and here to see inspection report.

Patient Journey

When you first contact the surgery you will be asked some questions about your or your child’s health. We will explain what method of circumcision will be carried out. The risks will be explained. If you are happy an appointment will be booked and you will receive a text message to confirm your appointment
Click here to view our consent forms and patient information leaflets.
On your arrival at the clinic you or your child will be registered. You will then be seen in the consulting room to make sure the procedure can be done safely.
The procedure will be explained in detail including all risks and aftercare.
You will have plenty of time to ask any questions. You will then be asked to sign the consent form. View consent forms.
A cream will be applied to the base of the penis to start numbing the area. The cream needs to stay on for approximately 40 minutes.
You will be then taken into he operating room. Parents are welcome to be present.
For safety reasons a bandage will be carefully placed around the upper thigh to stop any sudden movement of the pelvis during the administration of the anaesthetic.
Injections will then be given at the base of the penis using a small diabetic needle. We will wait till the area becomes numb and no pain can be felt. Only then will the procedure described be carried out.
After the procedure you will be taken to the adjacent room where you can feed your baby. The baby will be checked again after 15min then every 15mins till we are happy there is no bleeding and the child has passed urine after which you can be discharged. Most people are ready to go home within two hours of their appointment time.
You will have written after care instructions and emergency 24hr contact number.
A letter will be sent to your GP.
You have open access to the clinic and will be seen as often as needed until recovery.

Clinic Photos